So today I drove from university to work for my shift. I had to talk to my manager regarding my anxiety which I was fine about. 

However, in this meeting I was told I’m unfit to work and that they are forcing an absence on me and in order to return to work, I must have a “fit to work” note from my doctor. 

So basically, I’m having 3 days pay, which accounts to £120 taken from me which as you can imagine isn’t what I need. Not only this, I feel fine. I feel better than I’ve felt in a long time. 

I want to work. I need to work

Logically thinking, if I take 3 days off I’ll sit in my room, on my own, thinking and overthinking. How is that going to help me? How is knowing that my colleagues are now short staffed going to help me? It isn’t. 

I’ve emailed my manager because I just want to work but I doubt she is going to allow it but I shall be awake in time for my shift in the morning and I’ll be outside waiting for management to arrive like I do every Sunday because I always arrive at work an hour early because I’m that keen! 

I just wish with all my heart she could see that I’m fine. That I’m good at my job and that I should be in work! 😩


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