Taylor swift’s break up

I guess this isn’t really a ramble I can have anywhere else so I figure here is a good idea. 

I’m not a massive TayTay fan, I’ve never seen her live, I don’t know what her latest single is or her newest album. To be honest I don’t really care. I like some of her songs, they’re good to sing along to and have a cheesy dance to. However, despite not knowing the ins and outs of her music career I seem to know a lot about her personal life. Why? 

Why does the media feel the need to write articles about her latest break up? Why does social media feel the need to make memes about it and mock her for it? 

She may be famous, and her songs may be mainly about break-ups but she is still human. She still has feelings. I for one am pretty damn impressed with her for using her pain and upset to write songs, to make music. She could quite easily channel those feelings in destructive ways, she could turn to alcohol or self harm. She could spiral into depression but she doesn’t. She keeps her head screwed on and writes music. Music which helps others. Music that I’m sure a lot of you have listened to after a break up and been able to relate to it. 

Something else which bugs me is the fact people keep saying how they predicted it. How it was obvious it was going to happen because it’s Taylor swift. If I’m being honest, if my other half was famous and every time she wasn’t smiling rumours were spread about us, or every time we weren’t together people were making articles about how we have fallen out, I’d find it incredibly hard to maintain a strong and steady relationship. I’m not even famous but when too many people i.e. Friends, family etc get involved it puts pressure on my relationship. So I can’t begin to imagine how hard it must be to have complete strangers looking in and analysing every single part of her relationship. 

Maybe instead of shaming Taylor we should be supportive. Maybe instead of writing articles assuming things we should leave her to deal with the feelings she is going through. Maybe the media should just let her be and leave her personal life as it should be personal.