As it is the long weekend I decided to return from university to my home town to see some friends. We agreed to meet at 11:20 in town. 

I obviously arrived an hour early because I’m overly prepared! Anyway, I’ve been sat here now for about 30 minutes looking out my car window watching the snow. No you didn’t read that wrong, I did just say the snow

We get lectures on climate change all the time, told how the earth is heating up and the ice caps are melting. I don’t deny this is probably happening but it surely can’t be that bad if 2 days before MAY it’s snowing. I mean surely if it was a massive issue it would be warm in winter, not snowing when it’s nearly summer! 

I’m honestly in shock that I’m sat here now watching the snow falling! I feel like Christmas should be approaching not summer…. 



On June 13th me, my girlfriend and best friend are all goi g to board a flight to turkey for a week. I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am to get out of England, be away from everyone and everything and just relax with the 2 people that care about me and I care about. 

The villa we are staying in would normally cost the general public £2000 for a week, it’s a 5 double bedroom villa with a private infinity pool, hot tub, pool table along with other things! Luckily for us, my best mates dad owns said villa so we have got it for £0 meaning we are going to turkey for a week for £175 plus spending money and I’m so excited. 

I literally cannot wait! 

Anonymous blog

So, after a bit of confusion with my previous blog. Well, not really confusion, more… my family somehow found it and my dad has been treating me weird all weekend so I decided to make a completely new blog, with a completely new email address and I’m not going to be posting any pictures of myself on this blog in order to keep it a bit more private and give me somewhere to vent and post. Im tired of having to explain everything to my family. Can I not just have some where personal to vent and write without them watching my every move. Im tired of it now, I’m 19, ill be 20 at the end of the year, I shouldn’t have to feel obliged to explain every small detail to my family.